2023 Session

The 2023 session was held at Princeton Campus from June 25, 2023 to Friday June 30, 2023, and offered the following courses: 


  • Fuel Chemistry and Combustion Kinetics (S. Mani Sarathy, KAUST), Monday-Friday          
  • Combustion of Energetic Materials (Richard A. Yetter, Penn State), Monday-Wednesday
  • Combustor Physics: Emissions and Operability (Timothy C. Lieuwen, Georgia Tech), Thursday-Friday
  • Combustion Theory and Applications in CFD (Heinz Pitsch, RWTH Aachen), Monday-Friday
  • Particulate Formation, Evolution, and Fate (Hope A. Michelsen, Uni. Colorado), Monday-Wednesday
  • Mitigating the Carbon Footprint of Combustion through CO2 Capture and Storage (Howard J. Herzog, MIT), Thursday-Friday

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