Please read the below information carefully before apply.


Because of the advanced and intense nature of the academic program, all participants are expected to have passed the Ph.D. qualifying examination or have received a Master's degree by the time of enrollment. Undergraduate students will not be accepted.

Graduate students should request a recommendation letter from her/his academic advisor. Advisors can also request exemption of the M.S. degree/Ph.D. qualifying examination requirement.

Note: regardless of employment status, doctoral candidates should register as "Graduate Students". "Research Staff" refers to those with a rank of postdoctoral fellow or above.

Recommendation letters are NOT required for faculty and research staff, and industrial researchers.

Participants are expected to attend the Summer School in its entirety.

All applications (including recommendations) are to be submitted online and received by TBD. Acceptances will be communicated by TBD. Acceptance is contingent upon payment of registration and expenses by certain date.

Application link:


Payment link will be sent to admitted attendees after May 8.



Registration: $100 for all academic attendees (graduate students, faculty and research staff) and $400 for industrial attendees.

Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday): free to all academic attendees and $250 for industrial attendees.

Dormitory room (5 days, check-in on Sunday evening and check-out on Friday morning, air-conditioned shared rooms with same-gender shared bath facilities, reserved for non-Princeton participants): free to all U.S. academic attendees (except Princetonians), and $350 for international and industrial attendees.

A Welcome Barbeque on Sunday evening and a Farewell Banquet on Thursday evening will be free of charge to all participants.