Useful Links

Detailed campus map with CEFRC summer school buildings highlighted NEW 06/10/11 !!!

Schedule of Events REVISED 06.27.2011!!!

Visiting Princeton http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/

Orange Key Tour Campus tour - available on WEEKENDS and WEEKDAYS - check this out if you arrive early!

Map of Butler Residential College buildings http://www.princeton.edu/butlercollege/about-us/butler-college-map/

Local restaurants for lunch or dinner, if not dining on the meal plan on-campus http://www.princeton.edu/studentguide/outsidethegates/restaurants/

Local hotels, if not staying in dormitory on-campus http://www.campustravel.com/university/princeton/visit2.htm

NJTransit train schedule from Newark (if you plan to take the train from Newark to Princeton, purchase a ticket with Princeton as the destination, but get off at the Princeton Junction stop. Then walk over to catch the Dinky, using the same ticket. That way, you'll have already paid for your fare on the Dinky). http://www.njtransit.com/sf/sf_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=TrainSchedulesTo


Emergency Contacts

During your stay, in the event of an emergency, you may contact any of the following people:
During the day (8:30AM – 4:30PM):

Lilian Tsang 609.258.5041 (O); 609.306.2191 (M); [email protected]
Professor C.K. Law 609.258.5271 (O); 609.306.8450 (M)
Michelle Horgan (CES) 609.258.6116
Conference & Events Services (CES) 609.258.6115

During the day and also after hours:
Princeton University Department of Public Safety, 609.258.1000


Traveling to Princeton University

You may travel to the Princeton University campus by air, car or train. Travel directions and campus maps for Princeton University can be found at http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/travel/.

Please see http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/files/princeton_map.pdf for a detailed map of the campus.

By air

The two closest and most accessible airports are Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), which is 40 miles north;Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), which is 55 miles south.

From either airport, you may drive or take a shuttle (Olympic Airporter) to the Princeton campus. Information for the shuttle can be found at http://www.olympic-limo.com/ or call 800-822-9797. Approximate fare from Newark Airport is $40, and from Philadelphia Airport is $72. Reservations for the shuttle must be made at least one day in advance.

By car

Directions to Princeton can be found at http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/travel/driving/. When you approach the Princeton campus, you will begin to see signs for Princeton-CEFRC Summer School at the intersection of Washington Road and Faculty Road directing you to the registration area. Drive up from the intersection of Washington Road and Faculty Road towards campus along Washington Road following the signage. On the left hand side is the Icahn Lab. Immediately past the Icahn Lab, there is a driveway. Turn into the driveway and follow signs to the area for temporary parking. You may leave your car in this area and proceed to the covered area outside Scully Hall where the Registration tables are located. After checking in and receiving your packet at Registration, drop off your luggage in your assigned dorm room. Then return to your vehicle and proceed to parking Lot 32 Upper (see directions to Lot 32).

By train

Directions to Princeton can be found at http://www.princeton.edu/main/visiting/travel/trains/. If coming by train (Amtrak or New Jersey Transit), purchase tickets for Princeton Station. Then get off at the Princeton Junction stop, and transfer to a shuttle train operated by New Jersey Transit, known locally as the “Dinky” for a five minute ride to Princeton Station. The station is located at University Place at the southern end of campus, across from the McCarter Theatre Center. From the Dinky stop, walk behind the New South building, between South Baker (on left) and Baker Rink (on right) towards Butler College, to the Registration tables outside Scully Hall. After receiving your participant packet at registration, proceed to your assigned dorm room to drop off your luggage.

*Note that if the Dinky is not running (sometimes in the evenings) look for a shuttle bus parked below the Dinky line, which will take you to Princeton, or alternatively, you can take a cab from Princeton Junction to Princeton.


Check In and Registration

Q: When is the standard check in and registration period?

A: Standard check in and registration is on Sunday, June 26th, from 1PM to 5PM.

Q: Where is Check In and Registration?

A: Check in and registration tables are outside Scully Hall.

Q: How do I get to Scully Hall?

A: Follow the directions described in TRAVELING TO PRINCETON UNIVERSITY

Q: I will be living in the dormitories during the Summer School. What dorm will I be assigned to?

A: You will be assigned to a dorm room at Butler Residential College. You will receive your room assignment in your participant packet at check in and registration time.

Q: What will be provided in the dormitory rooms?

A: The dorm rooms are air conditioned rooms. They are set up as 2 rooms with a shared bath in between. Each room will have a bed, desk, and chair. You will receive a set of bed linens, summer blanket, and a pillow in each room.

Q: I am arriving early (i.e., before Sunday, June 26th 1PM-5PM). How do I access my dorm room?

A: If you are arriving early or late (i.e., not during the standard check in and registration period of Sunday, June 26th 1PM-5PM), you MUST email Michelle Horgan at [email protected]. Michelle will provide you with directions and instructions to pick up your participant packet at Princeton University’s Dept. of Public Safety. Do not follow the direction above for standard check in and registration, as staff will not be available at the registration booth outside of the standard time period.

Q: I am not staying at the dormitory on-campus. Do I still need to check in?

A: If not residing at the dorms, you only need to stop by the registration tables outside Scully Hall BEFORE the start of the Welcome Reception/Orientation Program to pick up your participant packet and lecture materials that you will need for the Summer School. See directions above for getting to Scully Hall.

Q: I will be arriving AFTER the Welcome Reception/Orientation Program AND I am not staying at the dormitory on-campus. Do I need to check in and register, and where do I do so?

A: We will place Registration tables at the lecture hall (Robertson Hall, Dodds Auditorium in the morning, McCormick Hall in the afternoon) for late arrivals. Come by prior to start of class, pick up your participant packet and lecture materials for the Summer School.

Q: What will be in the participant packet?

A: You will receive the following in your packet: room key and prox card for dormitory access (if staying at the dormitory on-campus), parking pass to Lot 32 (if parking is required), meal card (if you elected to eat at the Dining Hall), campus map with locations of dormitory, dining hall, parking Lot 32, and lecture halls highlighted. You will also receive other materials that you will need for the Summer School, including lecture materials.



Q: Where will I park my car?

A: Parking is in Lot 32 http://www.princeton.edu/transportation/Parking_Lots.pdf

From Washington Road: Follow Faculty Road west (turning left if coming from Route 1; right if coming from Nassau Street) to the traffic circle. Go a quarter of the way around the circle, and turn right onto Elm Drive. At the next traffic circle, go three quarters of the way around and follow the signs to Lot 32. DO NOT PARK IN THE GARAGE ON THE RIGHT, you will be ticketed.

Q: How do I get from Parking Lot 32 to campus?

A: It is a 7-10 minute walk from Lot 32 to campus.


Welcome/Orientation and Wrap Up/Farewell Programs

Welcome/Orientation Dinner

Sunday, June 26th

19:00 - 20:30, immediately following Lab Tour

Equad Courtyard


Wrap Up/Farewell Dinner

Friday, July 1st

18:00 - 19:30, followed by Fireworks at Princeton Stadium

Frick Chemistry Building

Lecture Halls

Combustion Chemistry 08:45 - 12:15 (M-F)

Robertson Hall, Dodds Auditorium

Lecturer: Prof. Michael J. Pilling

Combustion Theory 14:00 - 17:30 (M-F)

McCormick Hall, Room 101

Lecturer: Prof. Moshe Matalon

Combustion Laser Diagnostics 14:00-17:30 (T-F)

McCormick Hall, Room 106

Lecturer: Prof. Marcus Aldén




Dining Halls

I have signed up for dining on-campus. Where is the Dining Hall?

If you have signed up for meals on-campus, you will receive a meal card in your participant packet at check in. All meals will be at the Wilcox Dining Hall http://www.princeton.edu/wilsoncollege/whats-where/map-of-wilson-college/. Wilson is directly adjacent to Butler College (the dormitory). YOUR MEAL CARD IS ONLY VALID AT WILCOX DINING HALL.

What are the hours at the Dining Hall?









Check Out Process

Q: I am staying at the dormitory on-campus. When and where is standard check out?

A: Standard check out is Saturday, July 2 from 8AM to 12PM. A representative will be stationed outside of Butler College to collect your dormitory keys.

Q: I am staying at the dormitory on-campus. Can I bring my car closer to the Butler/Scully area to load my luggage when checking out?

A: Yes, similar to check in, you may bring your car and park it in the temporary parking area outside the Scully Hall to more conveniently load your luggage, if desired.

Q: I am checking out early (e.g., Friday, July 1). Where will I check out?

A: If checking out prior to Saturday, July 2 (8am-12pm), please leave your dormitory keys inside your room.


Other Matters of Concern

Q: What is the dress code for the week?

A: Dress code is business casual/comfortable. It is summer time and we would like our Summer School participants to be comfortable. Participants should use their own discretion.

Q: Is individual recording/video taping of the lectures permitted?

A: No, individual recording/video taping of the lectures is NOT permitted.

Q: Will there be any evening sessions?

A: Evening tutorials and other informal sessions may be arranged by the individual lecturers.

Q: Will there be any social or recreation activities in the evenings?

A: Yes.
Sunday 6/26 - Lab tour 5:00pm to 6:45pm

Sunday 6/26 -Welcome reception/orientation program 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Friday 7/1 – Wrap up/farewell dinner 6:00pm
Friday 7/1 – Join us for the Independence Day Fireworks at Princeton University sports fields immediately next to The University Stadium. Fireworks begin at dusk, usually shortly after 9pm.

Additional activities - so far we have not arranged any, assuming that most of you would prefer using the evenings to rest and do some reading. However, feel free to organize activities that may enrich the experience of attending this Summer School. Remember, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to make new friends with whom you will interact professionally for your entire career in combustion research!

Q: Are there laundry facilities in the dormitory?

A: There are free laundry facilities in the basement of Butler (in Building A section)- no coins necessary.

Q: What kind of internet access is there? Should I bring my laptop?

A: WiFi is free for a guest's first seven days on campus - so participants should bring their laptops.

Q: Can we have access to the fitness center?

A: The Dillon Gym is available for your use during your stay. There is a $5 per use fee. We will have athletic chits available at the check in stations on Sunday and also at the tables set up outside the lecture halls throughout the week for those interested in using the fitness center.


Application Process

Q: I am a returning Summer School participant. What courses am I eligible to enroll in?

A: As a returning summer school participant, you may choose ONE course from any of the three courses: Combustion Theory, Combustion Chemistry, or Internal Combustion Engines. You will automatically be enrolled in Frontiers in Combustion, which is a 5-day lecture series open to all 2012 summer school participants. Top

Q: I am a first time Summer School participant. What courses am I eligible to enroll in?

A: As a firs time summer school participant, you may choose ONE course from either Combustion Theory or Combustion Chemistry. You should not enroll in Internal Combustion Engines without special permission. You will automatically be enrolled in Frontiers in Combustion, which is a 5-day lecture series open to all 2012 summer school participants. Top

Q: As a returning graduate student participant, do I have to resubmit my advisor's endorsement letter and statement of purpose, or can these two requirements be waived?

A: Students are required to provide a current CV, endorsement letter and personal narrative for each summer session. Top

Q: I am a post doctoral research associate. What documentation do I need to submit with my application?

A: Please complete and submit the application. CV, endorsement letter and personal narratives are required only for graduate students.

Q: On the application, to whom should my academic advisor send his recommendation letter? I see no option for uploading the document on the website.

A: This is a change from the first year's procedure. We ask that you provide the name and contact email address for your academic advisor, who will then receive an email with instructions to upload a letter on your behalf. You can check to see the status of your application on the website. Top