2012 Session


The 2012 session, held from June 24 to June 29, offered the following courses:

  1. Combustion Theory, delivered by Professor Heinz Pitsch of the RWTH Aachen University;
  2. Combustion Chemistry, delivered by Professor Hai Wang of the University of Southern California; 
  3. Internal Combustion Engines, delivered jointly by Professor Timothy C. Lieuwen of the Georgia Institute of Technology, who presented (Gas Turbines) and Professor Rolf D. Reitz of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who presented Reciprocating Engines; and
  4. A five-session lecture series on the Frontiers in Combustion, with topics covering Combustion in a Global Environment Context, delivered by Professor Robert H. Socolow of Princeton University, New Developments in Combustion Technology, delivered by Dr. Geo Richards of the National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. DOE, Alternative Fuels Including Biofuels, delivered by Professor William H. Green of MIT, Cyber-Combustion, delivered by Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen of Sandia National Laboratories, and Nanoengineered Reactive Materials and their Combustion and Synthesis, delivered by Professor Richard A. Yetter of Penn State University.

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