Lecture Notes


Combustion Theory - Prof. Heinz Pitsch's Lecture Notes

  1. Introduction
  2. Flame Temperature and Chemical Equilibrium
  3. Fluid Dynamics and Balance Equations for Reacting Flows
  4. Laminar Premixed Flame Configuration
  5. The Thermal Flame Theory
  6. Asymptotic Structure for Four-Step Premixed Stoichiometric Methane Flames
  7. Flame Extinction and Flamability Limits
  8. Laminar Diffusion Flames: Diffusion Flamelet Theory
  9. Laminar Diffusion Flame Configurations
  10. Turbulent Combustion: The State of the Art
  11. Premixed Turbulent Combustion: The Regime Diagram
  12. The Level Set Approach for Turbulent Premixed Combustion
  13. The Turbulent Burning Velocity
  14. Nonpremixed turbulent Combustion: The Flamelet Concept
  15. Applications in Internal Combustion Engines

Combustion Chemistry - Prof. Hai Wang's Lecture Notes

Internal Combustion Engines: Gas Turbines - Prof. Timothy C. Lieuwen's Lecture Notes

Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines - Prof. Rolf D. Reitz's Lecture Notes

  1. IC Engine Review, O, 1 and 3-D Modeling
  2. Turbochargers, Engine Performance Metrics
  3. Chemical Kinetics, HCCI & SI Combustion
  4. Atomization, Drop Breakup/Coalescence
  5. Drop Drag/Wall Impinge/Vaporization
  6. Heat Transfer, NOx and Soot Emissions
  7. Diesel Combustion and SI Knock Modeling
  8. Optimization and Low Temperature Combustion
  9. Automotive Applications and the Future
  10. Acknowledgements and References

Frontiers in Combustion - A Lecture Series

(I) Combustion in a Global Environment Context - Prof. Robert H. Socolow's Lecture Notes

  1. Part One: Planetary Thinking
  2. Part Two: Stabilization Wedges

(II) New Developments in Combustion Technology - Dr. Geo A. Richards' Lecture Notes

  1. Part One
  2. Part Two
  3. Part Three

(III) Alternative Fuels Including Biofuels - Prof. William H. Green's Lecture Notes

(IV) Cyber-Combustion - Dr. Jacqueline H. Chen's Lecture Notes

(V) Nanoengineered Reactive Materials and their Combustion and Synthesis - Prof. Richard A. Yetter's Lecture Notes

Computational Tools for Diagnostics and Reduction of Detailed Chemical Kinetics - Dr. Tianfeng Lu's Lecture Notes