Check In & Registration

I am a student in a U.S. academic institution and wish to arrive Saturday June 15. I noticed that I am being charged lodging for the Saturday night stay. Is lodging not covered by the scholarship?
The 2024 scholarship only covers 5 nights of lodging: check in Sunday June 16, check out Friday June 21. If you arrange to arrive early or depart later, you will be billed for the cost of the additional lodging (including students).

When is the standard check in and registration period?
Standard check in and registration is Sunday, June 16, from 1PM to 5PM. Staff will be available during this time to provide you with program materials and dormitory room keys. Early arrival on Saturday, June 15th may also be arranged, additional lodging fee will be billed to you. Keys for early arrival may be picked up at Public Safety, staff will not be available for registration until Sunday June 16th.

Where is Check In and Registration?
Check in and registration tables are located at Butler College. Please refer to the campus map.

How do I get to Butler College?
Follow the directions described in TRAVELING TO PRINCETON UNIVERSITY

I will be living in the dormitories during the Summer School. What dorm will I be assigned to?
You will receive your room assignment in your participant packet at check in.

What will be provided in the dormitory rooms?
The dorm rooms are air conditioned rooms. They are set up as 2 rooms with a shared bath in between. Each room will have 1 or 2 beds, desk, and chair. Each occupant will receive a set of bed linens, summer blanket, and a pillow.

I am arriving early (i.e., before Sunday, June 16, 1PM-5PM). How do I access my dorm room?
Staff will not be available for registration for early arrivals. You may however, pick up your key from Public Safety (open 24 hours) to access your room. Please refer to the campus map to arrive at the public safety. Please note: you will be charged an additional night's lodging for Saturday arrival.

I am not staying at the dormitory on-campus. Do I still need to check in?
No. If not residing at the dorms, you may go straight to the Welcome Reception/Orientation dinner to pick up your participant packet. 

I will be arriving AFTER the Welcome Reception/Orientation Program AND I am not staying at the dormitory on-campus. Do I need to check in and register, and where do I do so?
No. We will have Registration materials at the lecture hall (Friend Center) for late arrivals. Come by prior to start of class to pick up your participant packet, lecture materials and parking permit for the Summer School.

What will be in the participant packet?
Your participant packet will contain: room key and proxy card for dormitory access (if staying at the dormitory on-campus), meal card (if you elected meals at the Dining Hall), campus map with locations of dormitory, dining hall, parking Lot 20, and lecture halls highlighted. You will also receive other materials that you will need for the Summer School, including lecture materials.