2024 Session

The 2024 session was held at Princeton Campus from June 16 to Friday June 21, and offered the following courses: 


  • Dynamics of Flames and Detonations in Premixed Gas (Paul Clavin, Aix-Marseille Université), Monday-Friday          
  • Exascale Computing and Reduced Order Modeling Towards Decarbonization of Power & Aviation  (Jacqueline H. Chen, Sandia), Monday-Tuesday
  • Plasma Aided Combustion and Manufacturing  (Yiguang Ju, Princeton), Wednesday-Friday
  • Combustion and Fuels Chemistry and Kinetics  (William H. Green, MIT), Monday-Friday
  • Combustion Instability  (Jacqueline A. O’Connor, Penn State ), Monday-Tuesday
  • Combustion Fundamentals of Fire Safety  (José L. Torero, UCL), Wednesday-Friday

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