CEFRC Intranet (Members Only)


The CEFRC intranet is managed by Professor Donald G. Truhlar and Dr. Jingjing Zheng of the University of Minnesota. The URL is


A few reminders:

The intranet functions fine with Safari 4.0 or Firefox 3.5 but does not work with Firefox 2.0.

The very first time you go to the intranet with either Firefox or Safari, it will alert you to the fact that it is an unrecognized site,and there will be a few extra steps to follow. This is because the SSL certificate in the server we set up for this is self-signed.

On Safari, say "OK", look at the certificate and say "always trust".

With Firefox, you need three steps:

  1. Click "I Understand the Risks".
  2. Click "Add exception".
  3. Click "Confirm Security Exception". You need do this only the first time you connect with a given browser.

If you have any problems accessing the CEFRC intranet, please send an email to [email protected].