First Annual Conference, CEFRC

Sept 23-24, 2010, Princeton, NJ

Sept 23-24, 2010, Princeton, NJ

SESSION CHAIRS: Wade Sisk, Department of Energy
Chung K. Law, Combustion Energy Frontier Research Center (CEFRC)
Overview of CEFRC

Chemistry: Theory

Multi-reference Correlated Wavefunction Calculations and Reaction Flux Analyses of Methyl Ester Combustion
Emily A. Carter, Princeton University

Computation of Accurate Thermochemical and Rate Parameters for Complex Combustion Reactions Donald G. Truhlar, University of Minnesota

Theoretical Chemical Kinetics and Combustion Modeling
James A. Miller, Sandia National Laboratories

Theoretical Gas-Phase Chemical Kinetics
Stephen J. Klippenstein, Argonne National Laboratory

Constructing Accurate Combustion Chemistry Models
William H. Green, MIT

Chemistry: Experiment and Mechanisms

Developing Fundamental Kinetics Database through Shock Tube Studies
Ronald K. Hanson, Stanford University

Combustion Studies of Alcohols, Esters, and Hydrogen Rich Fuels
Frederick L. Dryer, Princeton University

Chemical Kinetics Studies of Alternate Fuels
Chih-Jen Sung, University of Connecticut

Flame Chemistry and Diagnostics
Nils Hansen, Sandia National Laboratories

Chemical Kinetics of Combustion Processes
Hai Wang, University of Southern California

Chemistry and Transport

Flame and Droplet Processes in Combustion
Chung K. Law, Princeton University

Flame Studies of Small Hydrocarbons and Oxygenated Fuels
Fokion N. Egolfopoulos, University of Southern California

Flame Chemistry, Dynamics, and Kinetic Model Reduction
Yiguang Ju, Princeton University

Direct Numerical Simulation of High Pressure, Mixed Mode Turbulent Combustion
Jacqueline H. Chen, Sandia National Laboratories

Predictive Turbulent Combustion Models for 21st Century Transportation Fuels
Stephen B. Pope, Cornell University

Open Discussion: The Role of CEFRC in MACCCR
Moderators: Tim Edwards, Chung K. Law and Wade Sisk